Dominican Laity – Western Province


We believe

Our Motto is

TRUTH Matters!
Our Mission

As Lay Dominican members we live in, but are not of, the world.
Our goal is the sanctification of our souls through our daily
observances, union with God through contemplative prayer and study,
and sharing the Truth that never changes for the salvation of souls.

Inspired by the charism
of the Order,
we are mindful that
apostolic activity
comes out of an abundance
of contemplation.

We are . . .
The Dominican Laity
The Dominican Laity
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  • June 3, 2020
    • (Ascension Thursday does not occur after June 3.)(Ascension Thursday does not occur after June 3.)(Ascension Thursday does not occur after June 3.)
  • June 4, 2020
    • St. Peter of Verona (+1252) [M]St. Peter of Verona (+1252) [M]AKA "St Peter Martyr", Italian, priest, zealous preacher, inquisitor, martyred by a heretic near Como," Protomartyr of the Order" because canonized, but see May 29, canonized1253.

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Welcome to Dominican Laity,
Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

We are a part of the Dominican Family, also known as the Order of Preachers.

In a powerful and compelling way, St. Dominic proclaimed the Gospel to the men and women of his time. His fervent charity and apostolic zeal drew many to imitate and aid him by embracing his new vision of religious life. He inspired many others, while remaining in the lay state, to strive through prayer and penance to aid his work. Though times and means have changed, we, too, are lay followers of St. Dominic and have embraced the Rule of the Lay Chapters of St. Dominic, so that, like him, we may conform our lives more perfectly to Christ, and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit for the work of preaching the Word of God and saving souls.

To be effective instruments of Our Lord, we must live lives centered on Him. We must, as Saint Dominic did, bring Christ’s redemptive grace to our times by our own witness to the Word in life and action, keeping in mind that our apostolic activity flows from the fullness of prayer and contemplation.

As Lay Dominicans responding to His grace, we are called to be attentive to the Spirit, to study Sacred Truth, to know Church doctrine, and to collaborate with our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Family in order to proclaim the Word of God. As our Rule states, in our times, our preaching “involves the defense of the dignity of human life, the family, and the person.” Moreover, “the promotion of Christian unity and dialogue with non-Christians and non-believers are part of the Dominican vocation.” (Rule, #12.)

The Rule provides the general framework to help us respond to God’s call and actively nourish our relationship with God within the Dominican way of life. This Particular Directory is a specific implementation of the Rule for the Lay Dominicans of the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.