Dominican Laity – Western Province


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3Bl. Peter of Ruffia (1320-1365)Bl. Peter of Ruffia (1320-1365)Italian, priest, Inquisitor General, martyred by heretics. AKA Peter de Ruffi; Peter of Ruffia; Peter Cambiani: Peter Cambiano av Ruffi.
Bl. Anthony Pavoni (1326-1374)
Italian, priest, inquisitor, martyred by heretics.
Bl. Bartholomew Cerveri (1420-1466)
Italian, priest, Master of Theology, inquisitor, martyred by heretics.
4St. Catherine de' Ricci (1522-1590) [M]St. Catherine de' Ricci (1522-1590) [M]Italian, virgin, cloistered sister, mystic, stigmatist, canonized 1747.
(Ash Wednesday never occurs before Feb. 4.)
5 6 7Anniversary of deceased fathers and mothers of Dominicans.Anniversary of deceased fathers and mothers of Dominicans. 8 9
10 11 12Bl. Reginald of Orleans (1180-1220)Bl. Reginald of Orleans (1180-1220)French, priest, teacher, preacher, early Dominican, friend of St. Dominic, effective promoter of Dominican vocations. 13Bl. Jordan of Saxony (1185-1237) [M]Bl. Jordan of Saxony (1185-1237) [M]German, priest, renowned preacher, diplomat, "the first university chaplain", successor of St. Dominic as Master of the Order, effective promoter of Dominican vocations, patron of Dominican vocation work. 14 15 16Bl. Nicholas Paglia (1197-1255)Bl. Nicholas Paglia (1197-1255)Italian, priest, mystic.
17 18Bl. John of Fiesole (1386-1455)Bl. John of Fiesole (1386-1455)AKA Fra Angelico and Beato Angelicao, Italian, priest, celebrated artist, Church appointed patron of artists, especially of painters. 19Bl. Alvaro of Cordova (1360-1430)Bl. Alvaro of Cordova (1360-1430)Spanish, priest, mystic, among the first promoters of the Stations of the Cross in the West. 20Bl. Christopher of Milan (+1484)Bl. Christopher of Milan (+1484)Italian, priest, reformer, missionary preacher, the "Apostle of Liguria". 21 22 23
24Bl. Constantius of Fabriano (1410-1481)Bl. Constantius of Fabriano (1410-1481)Italian, priest, ascetic, peacemaker. 25 26 27 28 29