Dominican Laity – Western Province


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2Bl. Jane de Aza (+1205)Bl. Jane de Aza (+1205)Spanish, mother of our Holy Father Dominic (May 24 and Aug. 8) and of Bl. Mannes (Aug. 18), housewife. 3Bl. Augustine Kazotic (1260-1323)Bl. Augustine Kazotic (1260-1323)Croatian, priest, preacher, administrator, Bishop of Zagreb, later of Lucera. 4 5 6 7 8OUR HOLY FATHER DOMINIC (1170-1221) [S] or [M]OUR HOLY FATHER DOMINIC (1170-1221) [S] or [M]AKA "The Apostolic Father", saint, Spanish, priest, scholar, ascetic, mystic, apologist, innovator, miracle-worker, laid foundation for the Rosary, founder of the Order of Preachers, eloquent preacher. See Aug. 2 and 18, Church appointed patron of the Order, of astronomers, of the Dominican Republic, and of religious priests as St. John Vianney (Aug. 4) is of diocesan priests. Can. 1234.S, but M If May 24 is celebrated as a solemnity, then this feast is a memorial.
9Bl. John of Salerno (1190-1242)Bl. John of Salerno (1190-1242)Italian, priest, early Dominican, close friend of St. Dominic (May 24 and Aug. 9), preacher, noted confessor. 10 11 12 13 14Bl. Aimo Taparelli (1395-1495)Bl. Aimo Taparelli (1395-1495)Italian, married, later priest and famed preacher, inquisitor. 15ASSUMPTION OF THE B.V.M. [S]ASSUMPTION OF THE B.V.M. [S]Traditionally, the Order celebrates this as its special day of thanks to Our Lady with processions.
16 17St. Hyacinth Odrowatz (1187-1257) [M]St. Hyacinth Odrowatz (1187-1257) [M]Polish, priest, brother of Bl. Ceslaus (July 17), one of first Dominicans, founder of the Polish Province, missionary to Slavs and Nordics, Church appointed patron of Poland, canonized 1594. 18Bl. Mannes (+1236)Bl. Mannes (+1236)Spanish, priest, brother of St. Dominic (May 24and Aug. 8; see Aug. 2), preacher through out Spain, director of nuns. Bl. George Thomas Rehm (1752-1794) & 63 CompanionsBl. George Thomas Rehm (1752-1794) & 63 CompanionsPriest, Alsacian of the Province of France, and companions were martyrs of the Diocese of La Rochelle during the French Revolution, Rehm beatified by John Paul II 1 X 95. 19Bl. Jordan of Pisa (1260-1311)Bl. Jordan of Pisa (1260-1311)Italian, priest, scholar, teacher, eloquent preacher, reformer. 20 21 22
23St. Rose of Lima (1586-1617) [M]St. Rose of Lima (1586-1617) [M]Peruvian, virgin, great ascetic, Church appointed patroness of South America, first canonized saint of New World 1671. 24 25 26Bl. James of Bevagna (1220-1301)Bl. James of Bevagna (1220-1301)Italian, priest, strenuous defender of orthodoxy, ascetic. 27 28ST. AUGUSTINE (354-430) [F]ST. AUGUSTINE (354-430) [F]North African, Bishop of Hippo, renowned theologian, author of The Confessions and The City of God, author of the Rule adopted by Dominican Order, Father and Doctor of the Church. 29
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