Dominican Laity – Western Province


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      1 2 3 4Bl. Pier Dominican Giorgio Frassati, (1901-1925) [OM]Bl. Pier Dominican Giorgio Frassati, (1901-1925) [OM]Italian, as a Tertiary took the name Bro. Jerome after Fra Savonarola, whom he venerated as a saint, popular among his peers, ardent athlete, tireless servant of the poor, apostle to his fellow university students in Turin, he died after 6 days with polio.
5 6 7Bl. Benedict XI (1240-1304)Bl. Benedict XI (1240-1304)AKA "Nicholas Boccasini", Italian, pope (1303- 1304, second Dominican pope), 9th Master of the Order, Bishop of Ostia, diplomat. 8Bl. Adrian Fortescue (1476-1539)Bl. Adrian Fortescue (1476-1539)English, husband and father, cousin of Anne Boleyn, martyred by Henry VIII, Lay Dominican. 9St. John of Cologne and Companions (+1572) [OM]St. John of Cologne and Companions (+1572) [OM]German, parish priest, martyred with 18 companions at Gorkum, Holland, by Calvinists, patron of Dominican priests in parochial ministry. St. Francis Fernandez de Capillis, & Peter Sans, bishop [OM]St. Francis Fernandez de Capillis, & Peter Sans, bishop [OM]St. Francis Fernandez de Capillis, priest, Peter Sans, bishop, and companions (OM) 10 11
12 13Bl. James of Voragine (1226-1298)Bl. James of Voragine (1226-1298)Italian, Archbishop of Genoa, hagiographer, author of the famous Legenda Aurea (The Golden Legend). 14 15 16 17Bl. Ceslaus Odrowatz (c.1180-1242)Bl. Ceslaus Odrowatz (c.1180-1242)Polish, priest, brother of St. Hyacinth (Aug. 17), one of first Dominicans, missionary. 18
19 20 21 22St. Mary Magdalen (1st cent.) [M]St. Mary Magdalen (1st cent.) [M]Jewish, dear friend of our Lord," Apostle to the Apostles" because to them she proclaimed (i.e. preached) the resurrection of Christ, mirroring the mission of all Dominicans; therefore secondary co-patroness of the Order (see May 8) with St. Catherine of Alexandria (Nov. 24). 23 24Bl. Jane of Orvieto (1264-1306)Bl. Jane of Orvieto (1264-1306)Italian, virgin, worker among the poor, Lay Dominican. Bl. Augustine of Biella (c.1430-1493)Bl. Augustine of Biella (c.1430-1493)Italian, priest, preacher, reformer, friend of the poor. 25
26 27Bl. Robert NutterBl. Robert NutterMartyr 28 29 30 31  
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