Dominican Laity – Western Province


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1ALL SAINTS [S]ALL SAINTS [S]Special texts from the Dominican Rite may be used. 2ALL SOULSALL SOULS 3ST. MARTIN DE PORRES (1579-1639) [F]ST. MARTIN DE PORRES (1579-1639) [F]Peruvian, first a Lay Dominican then a Cooperator Brother; infirmarian, barber, worker among the poor, remarkable wonder-worker, Church appointed patron of social justice, cooperator brothers, and hair dressers, canonized 1962. 4 5Bl. Simon Ballacchi (+1319)Bl. Simon Ballacchi (+1319)Italian, cooperator brother, catechist, gardener, blind. 6Bls. Ignatius Delgado, bishop; [M]Bls. Ignatius Delgado, bishop; [M]Francis de Capillas, priest; Alphonsus Navarrete, priest; and
Companions. Spanish martyrs of Japan, Vietnam, and China (1851 to 1862), 170 Dominican clerics and Dominican Laity of diverse nationalities are celebrated together.
7ALL SAINTS OF THE ORDER OF PREACHERS [F]ALL SAINTS OF THE ORDER OF PREACHERS [F]Priests, Nuns, Cooperator Brothers, Dominican Laity, Sisters
8ANNIVERSARY OF ALL DECEASED DOMINICANS [M]ANNIVERSARY OF ALL DECEASED DOMINICANS [M]Priests, Nuns, Cooperator Brothers, Dominican Laity, Sisters 9 10 11 12 13 14Bl. John Liccio (1426-1511)Bl. John Liccio (1426-1511)Italian, priest, preacher, administrator. Bl. Lucy of Narnia (1476-1544)Bl. Lucy of Narnia (1476-1544)Italian, married, virgin, cloistered sister, mystic, stigmatist; lived in obscurity, but made known by miracles at her tomb.
15ST. ALBERT THE GREAT (1206-1280) [F]ST. ALBERT THE GREAT (1206-1280) [F]German, Bishop of Ratisbon, now known as Regensburg, in S. Germany, theologian of renown, philosopher, scientist, diplomat, teacher, inventor, teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas, called great already in his lifetime, criss-crossed his diocese on foot and so nicknamed "Doctor Boots" by his contemporaries, "Universal Doctor" of the Church, Church appointed patron of scientists, medical technicians, proclaimed Doctor and thus equivalently canonized 1931. The House of Studies for the Western Province, St. Albert's Priory, Oakland, CA, founded 1932, has the honor of being the first institution in the Church named after him. 16 17 18 19Bl. John Benefatti (+1332)Bl. John Benefatti (+1332)Italian, Bishop of Mantua, known for his prudent administrative abilities. 20 21
22 23 24St. Catherine of Alexandria (+310)St. Catherine of Alexandria (+310)Egyptian. Virgin, martyr, one of the voices heard by St. Joan of Arc, Church appointed patroness of philosophers, consequently secondary co-patroness of the Order (see May 8), together with St. Mary Magdalen (July 22). St. Katherine Hall at Thomas Aquinas College is named after her.] The 117 Martyrs of VietnamThe 117 Martyrs of VietnamSaints: Ignatius Delgado, Spanish, (+1838) and 5 other Dominican bishops; Vincent Liem, Vietnamese, and 15 other Dominican priests (+1773); 3 priests of the Third Order; Dominic An-Kham, Vietnamese, (+1859) and 9 other Lay Dominicans; 24 parishioners of Dominican missions; and 58 others not associated with the Order, canonized 1988. 25Bl. Margaret of Savoy (1382-1464)Bl. Margaret of Savoy (1382-1464)Italian, noblewoman, wife, stepmother, widow, foundress of nunnery, nun, worked for healing of the Great Western Schism, mystic, friend of St. Vincent Ferrer (April5). 26 27 28St. Zedíslava Berkiana (1221-1252) (Nov. 28 in U.S.)St. Zedíslava Berkiana (1221-1252) (Nov. 28 in U.S.)Lay Dominican and wife. Bohemian, she carefully raised four children and founded 2 Dominican priories, her charities, at times miraculously confirmed, abounded for the needy, the sick, and indigent families, she died in her husband's arms. In 1989, through her intercession, a doctor was healed from a lengthy coma by a miracle. Canonized by John Paul II May 21, 1995, and established as a memorial. Bb. Bonaventure Garcia Paredes, Lopez and Companions [OM]Bb. Bonaventure Garcia Paredes, Lopez and Companions [OM]Bb. Bonaventure Garcia Paredes, Hyacinth Serrano Lopez and Companions (OM)
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