Dominican Laity – Western Province


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        1 2 3Bl. Dominic Spadafora (1450-1521)Bl. Dominic Spadafora (1450-1521)Italian, priest, missionary preacher, teacher.
4OUR HOLY FATHER FRANCIS OF ASSISI (1182-1226) [F]OUR HOLY FATHER FRANCIS OF ASSISI (1182-1226) [F]Italian, saint, deacon, founder of the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans), preacher, stigmatist, friend of St. Dominic, Church appointed patron of ecologists, merchants, Catholic action; co-patron with St. Catherine of Siena of Italy, canonized 1228. 5 6Bl. Bartolo Longo (1841-1926)Bl. Bartolo Longo (1841-1926)Italian, lawyer, ex-priest of Satan, husband, widower, propagator of the Rosary, catechist, Dominican Laity, founder of orphanage of congregation of Dominican sisters, and of the Shrine of O.L. of Pompeii. VIGIL OF OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY [F]VIGIL OF OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY [F] 7OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY [F]OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY [F]Because it originates from, and so well amalgamates the spirituality of St. Dominic, the Rosary is a special devotion of the Order. This day recalls its power at the victory of Lepanto on Oct. 7, 1571, which that year fell on the first Sunday of the month. In Dominican institutions, the feast is celebrated not on Oct.7 but on the first Sunday of October and usually includes the distribution of blessed roses and a procession. 8Bl. Ambrose Sansedoni (+1287)Bl. Ambrose Sansedoni (+1287)AKA "Bl. Ambrose of Siena", Italian, priest, fellow student with St. Thomas Aquinas (Jan. 28) of St. Albert the Great (Nov. 15); as a child miraculously cured of congenital deformity; preacher, professor and peace-making diplomat. Bl. Matthew Carreri (1420-1470)Bl. Matthew Carreri (1420-1470)Italian, priest, preacher, greatly devoted to the Passion of Our Lord. 9St. Louis Bertrand (1526-1581) [M]St. Louis Bertrand (1526-1581) [M]Spanish, priest, ascetic, novice master, missionary to South America, Church appointed patron of Colombia and of Dominican novice masters. 10
11Bl. James of Ulm (1407-1491)Bl. James of Ulm (1407-1491)German, cooperator brother, mystic, designer and maker of beautiful stained glass, whose only extant example is in the Cathedral of Bologna. 12 13Bl. Madeline Panattieri (1433-1503)Bl. Madeline Panattieri (1433-1503)Italian, virgin, celebrated preacheress, adviser, Lay Dominican. 14Bl. Marie Poussepin (1653-1744)Bl. Marie Poussepin (1653-1744)Originally a Lay Dominican, then a Sister and foundress, served the youth, the poor and the sick, beatified by John Paul II 20 XI 94. 15 16 17
18 19Bl. Agnes of LangéacBl. Agnes of LangéacFoundress, Lay Dominican, beatified by John Paul II 20 XI 94. 20 21Bl. Peter of Citta di Castello (1390-1445)Bl. Peter of Citta di Castello (1390-1445)Italian, priest, contemplative, preacher about death. 22DEDICATION OF THE CHURCH [S]DEDICATION OF THE CHURCH [S]Only celebrated in conventual churches whose date of consecration is unknown. 23 24
25Bl. Peter Geremia (1399-1452)Bl. Peter Geremia (1399-1452)Sicilian, priest, theologian of repute, ascetic, preacher. 26Bl. Damian of Finale (+1484)Bl. Damian of Finale (+1484)Italian, priest, renowned preacher. 27Bl. Bartholomew of Vicenza (1200-1270)Bl. Bartholomew of Vicenza (1200-1270)Italian, Bishop of Cyprus, later of Vicenza, administrator, founder of a crime-fighting group. 28Sts. SIMON AND JUDE [F]Sts. SIMON AND JUDE [F]First century Jews, saints, apostles, American Dominicans have a special devotion to St. Jude because he continuously preserves our Houses of Study (seminaries) from desperate financial crises. 29 30Bl. Benvenuta Boiani (1254-1292)Bl. Benvenuta Boiani (1254-1292)(1254-1292)
Italian, virgin, cured through the intercession of St. Dominic (Aug. 8), extreme ascetic, penitent, experienced visions and diabolic assaults, greatly devoted to Our Lady, Dominican Laity.
Bl. Terence O'Brien (1600-1651)Bl. Terence O'Brien (1600-1651)Irish, bishop, martyr, one of 17 Irish martyrs beatified by John Paul II on 27 IX 92. Bl. Peter Higgins (1600-1643)Bl. Peter Higgins (1600-1643)Irish, priest, martyr, one of 17 Irish martyrs beatified by John Paul II on 27 IX 92.
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