Dominican Laity – Western Province


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  1 2Bl. Walter (Guala) of Bergamo (+1244)Bl. Walter (Guala) of Bergamo (+1244)Italian, early Dominican, friend of St. Dominic, preacher, Bishop of Brescia. Bl. Ingrid of StanningeBl. Ingrid of StanningeSwedish. 3 4Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (1486-1547)Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (1486-1547)Italian, virgin, ascetic, mystic, Lay Dominican. 5Anniversary of Deceased Employees & Benefactors of the OrderAnniversary of Deceased Employees & Benefactors of the OrderAnniversary of Deceased Employees & Benefactors of the Order 6Bl. Bertrand of Garrigue (+1230)Bl. Bertrand of Garrigue (+1230)French, priest, one of the original Dominicans, beloved companion of St. Dominic, ascetic, established the Order throughout France. Bl. Michael Czartorysky (1897-1944)Bl. Michael Czartorysky (1897-1944)Polish, priest, martyred by the Nazis, beatified 1999. Bl. Julia Stanislava Rodzinska (1899-20 II 1945)Bl. Julia Stanislava Rodzinska (1899-20 II 1945)Polish, sister, virgin, teacher, administrator; under Nazis continued her apostolates clandestinely; as prisoner in death camp (Stutthof), covertly promoted the Rosary and nursed sick fellow prisoners, mostly Jews; martyr, beatified June 18, 1999.
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14 15 16 17 18St. John Macias (1585-1645) [M]St. John Macias (1585-1645) [M]Spanish-born Peruvian, cooperator brother, worker among the poor, miracle-worker, friend of St. Martin de Porres (Nov. 3), canonized 1980. 19 20Bl. Mark of Modena (+1498)Bl. Mark of Modena (+1498)Italian, priest, studious contemplative whose preaching converted many. Bl. Francis de Posadas (1644-1713)Bl. Francis de Posadas (1644-1713)Spanish, priest, celebrated preacher, reformer, worker among the poor, author.
21 22 23 24Bl. Dalmatius Moner (1291-1341)Bl. Dalmatius Moner (1291-1341)Spanish, priest, ascetic. 25 26 27
28Bl. Lawrence of Ripafratta (1373-1456)Bl. Lawrence of Ripafratta (1373-1456)Italian, priest, eloquent preacher, spiritual director, novice master of St. Antoninus (May 10) and Bl. Fra Angelico (Feb. 18). The 16 Martyrs of NagasakiThe 16 Martyrs of NagasakiSaints: Lorenzo Ruiz, husband and father, Protomartyr of the Philippines, member of the Rosary Confraternity (+1637); Dominic Ibañez de Erquicia, Spanish (+1633), and James Kyushei Tomonaga, Japanese, and 7 other Dominican priests; 2 Dominican Cooperator Brothers; 2 Lay Dominicans; 2 parishioners of Dominican missions, canonized 1987. 29 30