Meditation on the Passion of Jesus

This book on “The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ” by Saint Catherine de Ricci, is not currently in print, but through the very kind favor of Sr. Mary St Pius, and mostly through the very hard and diligent work of Sr. Mary of the Angels who has typed it, we have the privilege to share it with all Dominicans.

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Hours of the Passion
From St. Catherine de Ricci

It begin with the touching scene of separation between Jesus and His Mother, which lasted four hours, during which Catherine heard the Son and Mother discourse on the great mystery about to be wrought.

At four o’clock, she followed Jesus as He set out from Bethany for Jerusalem; and, on the way, she listened to the wonderful words in which He described to His disciples, the He might strengthen them, all the details of the forthcoming events. On entering the city, she went towards Mount Sion, where the Cenacle was.

She entered this sacred room at five o’clock, and was present at the Last Supper, at the washing of feet, at the institution of the Holy Eucharist, and at that beautiful discourse which followed up to the words: “Arise! Let us go.” These different actions took up two hours.

At seven o’clock she left the Cenacle and wended her way to the Mount of Olives, preceding our Lord and His disciples…

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